web hotelway

Where there’s a will, there’s a Web Hotelway.

What about Web Hotelway?

The journey of your visitor starts from the first "and this summer, where do you think we go?". It goes through online searches, photo trimming, comparisons, final selection and booking. It continues with the arrival, reception, service, every moment, taste and experience during the stay, the departure.

And of course, it doesn't end there. The reviews, the memories that are being reported and prompted by word of mouth, to "and this summer, where do you think we should go again?". And the setting up and running of a hotel, however, is a journey on their own.

Everyday, demanding and painful. Coordination of departments, resource management, training of human resources, creation of a narrative telling the history of space-or its spaces-and it will be strong enough to become a part of the stories of its visitors.


Back Office Management

Sales Management

Food Consulting

Beverage Consulting

Personnel training

What does Web Hotelway mean?

These two sides of the coin, called the travel experience, are the report of the project called Web Hotelway. By targeting the top tourist standards, we offer every hotelier or accommodation owner who trusts us with tools, methodology, training, support, know-how. In other words, what it will take to redefine and highlight its position on the world tourist map.

The solutions we propose are unique-literally and figuratively. Apart from their innovative character and application, they are perfectly suited to each hosting unit. So if you want to create a themed dining area, improve your booking system, train your staff, or totally revalue your hotel's identity and character, we can talk. The first step may be to fill in the contact form below, or just a phone. So if you are reading this paragraph late at night, prefer the first one. If not, definitely the second. We will be happy to share with you a "Good Morning" or "Good evening"!