food consulting

Food Consulting

The taste has the power to "bind" the place and time, making the experience a bit of memory. So because taste is part of your own benefits, your menus must have the necessary power. Imagination and harmony that can make them worthy of the travel experience you offer.

If your catalogue already exists, our goal is to optimize it either by analysis. control and reduction of the total cost from 15 to 30%, either with possible add-on codes-always and of course in consultation with you.

If again the question is one or more new menus for any need-buffet or a la carte breakfast. Brunch menu, pool bar or beach bar menu, ala carte or buffet restaurant, etc. Then the design includes a total parameter fan. What will be his theme? What will his relationship be with the local color and profile? How will his concept be integrated into the broader narrative of the hotel? What is the aim of the visitor experience? Questions that if you hadn't thought about it, it's time.

And in this process, you will not be alone. With the above, we undertake natural and pieces such as:

  • The pricing and the recipe menu, as well as the market list of the necessary products, in the most systematic and analytical way.
  • The training of staff, the analytical assignment of competences, but the creation of the program for the smooth operation of the kitchen. Presenting and photographing the menu with the partner chef. and permanent communication with the executive chef for whatever it takes.
  • The ordering, through a special partner that has a complete package for the needs of the restaurant-computers. POS, wireless terminals, printers, server system, software, project implementation services, support contracts. Our experience in this piece shows that proper management equals an increase in turnover of 7-13%, mainly due to elimination of lost orders and faster overall response.
  • Your online presence on all platforms-and with your own website-through an external team of partners.

There is now a partner for ordering placement where a complete package with all the tools needed for the dynamics of the store (computers and pos, tax, wireless terminals, printers, server system, software, project implementation services, support contracts)

* Our experience confirms that by ordering directly there is an increase in turnover of 7-13% because the lost orders are eliminated and the margins for someone to try to take advantage of our company's movement

* There is an external team where it can take over your online presence on all platforms and with your own website


Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash