Back Office Management

Away from the reception or pool lights, the administrative part is the unseen side of a hotel, but it is the backbone and essential factor for its proper functioning. A key element, the reservations. And their proper and consistent management, more than necessary. For our part, what we can offer is the proper and effective management and organization of bookings through a methodical strategic plan. What does this mean in practice?

Initially, the approach of new markets depending on the season, current trends and profile of the hotel,, which can be sources for the creation of an organic clientele, with repeated visits. Attracting the right audience, it is easier to acquire loyal customers who can be authentic brand ambassadors in a market as competitive and difficult as that of tourism. Part of this practice are even details such as effective and professional responses and services of electronic requests and bookings.

Then, the lengthening of the tourist season and increase the occupancy of the hotel, to a large extent through direct bookings, with a plan and over time, without intermediaries. Management of the inside, means fuller image in real time, and better reflexes when circumstances require it.

What do we achieve with all the above? Smooth, programmed procedures in a key functional piece of the hotel, maximum utilization of resources, and of course the optimum increase in turnover of the company.