Concierge Service

Whether you're in the hotel room or not, the word concierge sure tells you something. In French it means "doorman", with reference to the caretakers of the Parisian luxury hotels-known in the 19th and early 20th and as "Swiss", because the positions were generally nationals of the neighbouring country in France.

But beyond its etymology, the notion of concierge means much more. It is synonymous with knowledge, trust, credibility, certainty. It is the man with the information, the solutions, the (metaphorical) keys to the doors of a destination, keys that few possess and many seek.

This most key location is either talking about a boutique hotel or an exclusive resort-not just helpful. Is necessary. And because its provision has a high and often unprofitable cost, we can and offer it as a outsourcing option. With insourcing effect, competitive cost, on a 24-hour basis, from exceptional, reliable business

Photo by Proxyclick Visitor Management System on Unsplash